In the Studio — Jasper Guitar Picks

Yesterday we were in the studio, my wife worked on some new custom Cabochons, while I worked on some new guitar picks. I focused on two Jasper Guitar Picks I’ve been working on for a while. Jasper is a good material for guitar picks due to its overall hardness and sturdy traits. Jaspers range anywhere from 6.5 to 7.0 in terms of hardness, which definitely makes them ideal as candidates for guitar picks.

The process involved in making a guitar pick isn’t a quick one, after finding your material you need to either slab it or trim it to the general shape you need. In the end the guitar pick will only be a couple of mm thick, so you have to be careful at how you cut it, a wrong move while trimming it down can cause too many scratches.

After trimming it down I traditionally use a wheeled cabbing machine to shape the pick and get it to a thinner state. I then proceed to bring the guitar picks to a flat lap to cut and polish it even further.

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I utilize a Hi-Tech Diamond Flat Lap at this point, to slowly and evenly cut the shaped pick down, the pick has to be cut thin, but thick enough to handle the abuse of strumming.

Today I had these picks shaped and thinned out close to where it will end up. I’ve also put them on my flat lap and cut up to 260 grit. I prefer to take a little bit longer on the cutting to minimize the cuts and scrathes visible on the rock.

I hope to work on these more this week, when I finish them I’ll post them on our site. Click on the link to see if any guitar picks are currently available. They always go fast so check back often, if you want a custom piece made contact us.

What does everyone think so far? Any questions about the process involved just contact us and I would be happy to answer any you may have.

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