Spiritual Spotlight – Soul Excelsior by Gabriella Flores

Soul Excelsior Book Cover Soul Excelsior
Gabriella Flores
Balboa Press
Perfect Bound Soft Cover and E Book

A good freshman effort by the author and a good inspirational book for those in need of spiritual assistance. The book only clocks in at 54 pages, and the fact that I was hoping that it was longer shows that you will quickly engross yourself in the author's story.

I truly wish the author chose to go into more details on some of the more tragic moments in the book, I believe it would have added even more to the inspirational messages that this book is intended to give.

The overall message, and confessional nature of the book truly makes it a great read. It's never easy to write about the low points in your life, or to see your own faults. This is definitely a recommended book.

If we have the power to create limitations, then we must have the power to free ourselves from those limitations.”

In Soul Excelsior, the freshman effort by Gabriella Flores, we delve into the path the author took to find her own salvation. As she transitions from childhood to adulthood the reader can find solace in seeing many of the same mistakes and trouble we face everyday. From internal insecurities, to a sense of abandonment and a tragic loss of innocence. This path Ms. Flores guides us through demonstrates that salvation doesn’t come from external forces, but from internal confidence, faith, and determination to make a change.

My attitude was a direct reflection of my belief of not being good enough to be loved.”

Plagued by these insecurities Ms. Flores shows that sometimes we have to fall, falter and disappoint to truly see how we can flourish. We find ourselves engrossed in her path, as she takes a step backward for every step forward, until she truly understands how one finds their way out of the burden of self-doubt, despair and substance dependency.

Faith, love, hope, confidence and a belief that you can control your own path in this world are the truths we find in the inspiring Soul Excelsior.

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